At Seropian Law, we have recovered over $25 million on behalf of our clients and their families.


Below are some of our latest verdicts and settlements, along with a short description of the case:


Automobile Collision - Physical Therapy Treatment

Settlement for a woman who sat passenger in a vehicle impacted by a semi-truck. She sustained pain in her ankle, neck, and chest, but received mostly physical therapy to treat her symptoms. This result is almost entirely pain and suffering.


Slip and Fall - Alleged CRPS of Left Foot

Settlement on an alleged CRPS case for a woman who slipped and fell at a business and began experiencing CRPS-like symptoms in her left foot.


Trip and Fall - Grocery Store

Settlement for a woman who tripped on an item left out on the floor of a grocery store aisle. She sustained a fracture to her shoulder, and needed a surgical repair. Liability was heavily disputed.


Auto v. Auto - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Settlement on an open $15,000 policy for a woman who struck her head on the driver’s side window when T-boned. She suffered a concussion with no brain bleed. Virtually all medical care was through health insurance. With only a $15,000 policy limit, this open policy settlement represents over 133 times the policy limit, a huge multiplier.


Dangerous Roadway Condition - Loose Material

Settlement for a motorcyclist whose bike skid out from under him when he rode over a highway entrance covered in “ravel,” the natural byproduct of a specific type of roadway preservation work done the prior day. He suffered a torn shoulder labrum, which was arthroscopically repaired.


Premises Liability - Cervical Fusion

Settlement for an elderly woman who tripped and fell coming out of a storage unit at her apartment complex. Liability was contested, and our client had serious pre-existing injuries and symptoms in her neck.


Automobile vs. Pedestrian - Concussion

Settlement for an elderly woman who sustained a concussion when she was pushed to the floor by a vehicle. The defense pointed to our client's advanced age as an alternative explanation for her post-concussive symptomatology.


Automobile vs. Automobile - Orthopedic Injuries

​Global settlement for multiple claimants in a contested liability automobile collision, where our office helped our client acquire a fantastic settlement for his various orthopedic injuries. This case was a group effort by three aggressive firms!


Products Liability - Foot Injury

Settlement for a young girl who injured herself on an RV step. The settlement allowed for payment of our client's injuries to her foot, and also allowed for a buy back of the vehicle pursuant to lemon law allegations..


Premises Liability - Driveway Gate

Trial verdict for an elderly man who broke his arm while trying to turn off a defective gate. The defense blamed our client and offered $175,000.


Trip and Fall - Skateboard

Settlement for a young man who fell off his skateboard while riding on a City sidewalk. He broke his ankle and had an ORIF. The City and adjacent private property owner/operator settled the case 2 weeks before trial.


Trip and Fall - Apartment Complex

​Settlement for an elderly woman who broke her hip when she tripped and fell on a hose at her residential apartment complex. Initial offer was just $50,000, and naturally, the defense blamed our client.


Automobile vs. Pedestrian - Foot Fracture

Settlement for an elderly man who fractured his foot when a right turning vehicle ran over it. His foot healed, but the incident left intermittent pain at the fracture site.


Slip and Fall - Hotel

Trial verdict for a woman who slipped and fell at a major hotel chain. She broke her arm and had a surgery on her shoulder. The defense offered just $100,000.


Automobile Collision - Coverage Dispute

Settlement for a mother who suffered a wrist injury in a car crash. The defense disputed insurance coverage and offered only $15,000.


Automobile v. Pedestrian - Catastrophic Injury

Settlement for an elderly man who suffered catastrophic injuries when a vehicle collided into him in a crosswalk. Liability was initially disputed, and the policy was opened.


Trip and Fall - City Sidewalk

Trial verdict for a woman who broke her finger when she tripped and fell on a City-owned sidewalk. The defense blamed her and offered nothing.


Automobile Collision - Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Trial verdict for a man injured when his work truck collided into a left turning passenger vehicle. Our client underwent a lumbar microdiscectomy. The defense offered just $85,000.


Premises Liability - Sewage Drain

Settlement for a man who fell and injured his shoulder while riding his bicycle over a defective sewage drain. The defense offered just $50,000.


Automobile Collision - Back Injury

Settlement for a woman who was rear-ended after nearly-recovering from a preexisting back injury. She claimed an aggravation of her condition. The case settled on the eve of trial.